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Lili et Li 50N swimming jacket

Summer look – magnolia print

Casual style First!
Supplied with matching backpack or pannier.

590,00 690,00 


THE 50N buoyancy jacket designed to ensure safety and enjoyment.

Distinctive design and premium materials to set you apart.
99.7% organic neoprene from limestone rocks off the coast of Japan.
The least allergenic in the world.
A top-of-the-range Made in France knit with motifs printed by a very (very) big luxury brand.
The best quality available today to counter the harmful effects of salt, chlorine, sweat and sun.

CE ISO 12402-5 certified buoyancy for safe swimming (currently being obtained from the accreditation body).

Soft, supple, luxurious fabrics with thermo-regulating and UV protection properties.
You won’t feel the jacket on you.

Adapted to body shape.
Thinner and more comfortable to wear, the jacket is safer AND makes swimming easier, unlike lifejackets, which are worn around the neck.

The jacket is easily folded and stored in its matching backpack or carry bag (supplied with the jacket).

UV protection index: 50
Quick drying

Very largely recyclable (foam and neoprene).
Made in France (unlike 95% of lifejackets, which are made in China).

As part of our concern for environmental responsibility, but also for sustainability and to avoid over-consumption and the creation of excessive waste, we have decided to guarantee our jackets for 5 years.
Whatever the buoyancy foam used, it’s the only component that can deteriorate rapidly depending on how it’s used. So we’ve decided to include in your purchase the replacement of the buoyancy foam whenever you want within the guarantee period.
The planet will thank you.

Each jacket is numbered with a personalised Lili et Li stamp to prevent copying and guarantee buoyancy before and after foam replacement.

The swimming jacket and its backpack or pannier can be personalised.
The name of the yacht, company name, first name or other can be personalised directly on the jacket and carry bag.
Free personalisation for orders of 10 jackets or more.

Origin components :

  • Knitwear – France
  • Mesh printing – France
  • Buoyancy foam – United Kingdom
  • Sewing thread – Germany
  • Neoprene – Japan
  • Zip – Taiwan
  • Labels – France
  • Screen printing – France
  • Manufacturing – Made in France with love

Designed by :

  • Designer – France
  • Textile Designer – France

We are also very proud to announce that we are a member of the 1% for the planet collective and that we are committed to donating 1% of our sales to environmental protection associations.

Weight 0,75 kg
Colours / Patterns

Blue magnolia flowers – sepia, Deep pink magnolia flowers, Classic blue – plain, Viva Magenta – plain



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