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Lili and Li swimwear

Summer look – magnolia print

Casual style First!
The chic swimming costume that’s extremely comfortable to wear and adapts to all body shapes.
Supplied with a semi-waterproof storage and transport pouch in the jacket colours



Innovative combination of technical, noble and luxurious materials that don’t exist in the aquatic landscape.
99.7% organic neoprene waistbands.
The least allergenic on the market. No petroleum or rubber
Long-sleeved 1-piece for protection from the sun.
You won’t feel it on you.

Supplied with a small semi-waterproof pouch that attaches intuitively and invisibly directly to the backpack of your Lili et Li jacket.

80% polyamide – 20% elastane knit
Care instructions: wash in clear water with or without mild detergent after each use, do not use bleach or chlorine-based stain removers, and air dry your swimming costume.

UV protection index: 50
Quick drying
Eco-responsible and partly recyclable

Origin components :

  • Knitwear – France
  • Knitwear printing – France
  • Sewing thread – Germany
  • Neoprene – Japan
  • Labels – France
  • Screen printing – France
  • Manufacturing – Made in France with love

Designed by :

  • Designer – France
  • Textile Designer – France

S, M, L, XL

Colours / Patterns

Deep pink magnolia flowers, Viva magenta – plain

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